Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Know thyself

Your personality:

Now, if you are unsure about this topic, check out a horoscope if you must, find a mirror, ask a friend, but whatever you do, be honest with yourself.

The question you should ask yourself is:“What do I feel comfortable with?What kind of person am I?How much time and energy do I have available.Etc.“

Reading this and anticipating Venice and wanting to help with its promotion naturally suggests, that you wish to put some time and effort into this.And naturally you just want to do it all!

I do,too!

However, be realistic.

If you're not a fan of the masses, and your idea of a good saturday evening consists of drinking tea with your best friends and watching a movie or playing „The need for Speed“, distributing Flyers at a rowdy Lesbian party at four in the morning might just not be your thing.

If however, you have a single cute friend,who you feel desperately needs a GF or something else, you might want to consider the option of sending her into the raging drunk masses.

Which brings us to next issue at hand.

Your community.

Me, I'm bouncing around in the gay community.Big city, big scene.

Great target group.

You might be stuck at school in Tiny Town,Nebraska and not know a single Lesbian besides Ellen and probably Condolezza Rice.But your mom and her friends love soaps and succesful Ladies.

Cater the show to them.

Introducing your family members and friends to the „gay lifestyle“ through shows they can get invested in and characters they will grow to love, is a nice way of paving the way to coming out, btw.

Just be careful you're not too obvious.My mom did get suspicious, when we started watching „Ellen“ at nine in the morning.But things worked out fine.I just have to talk her out of constantly trying to set me up with her 30 year older absolutely straight co-workers, one day.

Ok, but back to the matters at hand.

You're a computer geek who doesn't really like going out there?Not reallly creative..and you don't have SO much time either?
Google is yo thang!

You're hanging out at your usual Lesbian bar with your mates every weekend?Great! Organize a public screening(I'll check with the Venice Ladies if that's ok, copyrightwise)

You just love to party?
Organize a Venice Beach party.(That's a LOT of work,though.)

You don't really have THAT much time?
Email your local gay magazine, newspaper, paper, computer paper, whatever you may read, and let them know about Venice.

It's important to get yourself some backing.
Get your local peeps together, or get yourself some support from others on the boards, or from here.

We're here to help, and to rock and roll!

Venice 2

All the ideas out there are great and important.
However, they somehow must make the big step of realization, and that's where the real work comes in.

Let's see.You might want buttons, for example.Your mom offered to sell them at the next church bake sale.

Now, there are the big questions of:Design, Size,Cost,Production,Delivery.
Anybody else made some you liked?
Email them, or order directly from their shop(like Donna's,for example)
You want another design?
You want a specific scene,Logo, whatever?
Are you capable of handling photoshop?
Are you willing to try around with it a bit?
Download it here for a free trial version of 30 days.
Or ask your friends if they know their way around photishop.
Head over there one night with some beer and chips, and get cracking.

Design is taken care of, now you google the options of getting Buttons made in your area, or getting them sent.

How many do you want?Do you want to sell them?How much money do you want to invest?
How do you pay?

Usually it's very possible to get everything taken care of online.

Ok, finally the day has arrived, and you get your buttons in the mail.

It's just a question of doing it.Especially things you have never done before.

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