Montag, 14. September 2009

Spreading the Word


so there you are, no new fanfic is up, no new ep, YT comments are empty..and you happen to be having an hour on your hands.

So,while you wait for your spaghetti to boil, you think, you could invest that time comfortably into something productive, like getting the word spread on Venice.


What do you do?


You have several options where you can spread the word.

LGBT magazines

Mainstream magazines

TV magazines



Computer Geek mags

Internet forums

Again, do what you feel most comfortable with,and choose the venue which you feel drawn to most.

There are several places to start

1st option,Internet


In which Forum would mentioning Venice make sense?

Otalia Forum on Facebook definitely.

Your group on exchanging knitting techniques and cooking recipes?


If it's chock full of Lesbians,for example, or Ladies loving stories and soaps.

Please, always, when posting and promoting the show on Forums, be respectful, be tactful and do not be obnoxious.

Tailor your post to your audience.

Compuer geeky forum:“The first serious try of trying to get the webseries as a business model working.“ Jump from TV to the web“ „very interactive with the fans,etc.“

L word forum:“Beds and hot make out sessions were mentioned.“

It's best to post where you are familiar and where mood and content is familiar as well.

2nd option:

Internet mags

email them under their contact adress and tell them just exactly why they want to run an article on the show.

For more info on how to do that:

3rd option

Newspapers and magazines

Before you randomly crank out mails and letters to these, ask yourself, why they would possibly want to publish an article on Venice.

If it's a LGBT magazine, it's obviously very important to mention, that it is a labor of love, wanting to finally tell Lesbian stories, etc.

Mainstream magazines and Newspapers will also be interested.


Women's/Lifestyle magazines:

For example:

„Crystal Chappell, Soap Star is venturing into the new medium of web series,etc.Stories you can watch at home,after you get home from work,etc.“

Why would Newsweek, or The New York Times care?

Because for a long time, now, Web series have been heralded as the next Generation of TV.

Ratings are dwindling, people spend more time in front of their computers than in front of their TVs and it is certainly easier to watch what you want when you want it, and not having to be home by 8 on Tuesday's to catch your favorite show.

For a long time, a lot of people have been waiting for TV to make the jump to the internet, as Newspapers are doing right now.

However, it just hasn't worked so far.

Therefore,there's a really good reason for basically just anybody to be very interested in „Venice“ right now.

Ok, now, you've just put the Spaghetti into the have a few minutes.

What do you do?

Google LGBT media outlets on the internet for example.

You found a few,and since you already posted yourself crazy yesterday, when the casserole was in the oven, you decide to send out a few emails to some online publications today.

If you wish for an author to write an article on something, make it easy for him/her.

Include pictures.Include previous articles,include the website,episodes,etc.

Include a brief description and the why this person is going to be grateful to have found your email in his/her mailbox today because they just want to write an article about Venice now.

If you mention GL, why not include a link to a YT clip?

One thing you always need to be making sure, however, is to always respect the copyright.

Do not send a picture without knowing and stating where it is from.

Do not quote an article without giving credit.

Ok here are some interviews and articles to draw information from, if you find any more, if you have any links,or sample letters, please share:-)

Interview with Kim Turrisi:

CC Interview on NY Times

Afterellen Interview with CC

Btw, I just wanted to remind you, that this is a rough draft for the "kit" I am dreamin up.Corrections, additions, ideas,etc, are more than welcome, I'm basically begging for them:-)

Therefore if you have already done any of that work mentioned (For exapmle during the "Save the Light Campaign) please do share.

Hugs to all of you out there, this is gonna be a bittersweet week.


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