Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

World Domination

Hellloooo Peeeps!
Today, after I read the Article with Crystal Chappell on ( I have felt felt, that now the time has come.
The time to set in motion what I have been deeply craving to do, since I've read that NY Times article (to which I can't sadly find the link right now):
Promote Venice.
I am an international member of the great conglomeration of fans around the "Otalia" storyline on CBS.
I cared so much for the beautiful love story, that even my little lazy hands went to pen a few postcards in a big effort to save the show and our two beautiful ladies in it.
However, that was not to be.
Since then, I have blown many a fuse over the very obvious(at least to me) censorship that that beautiful tale of love, and yes, actually passion, too, between one Natalia Rivera and Olivia Spencer had to undergo on that show.
The outright lack of Lesbian loving and living on TV worldwide is,to me at least , another symptom of the great shift to the conservative right and a more open voiced and unabashed homophobia raging these days.
But I am getting too political.
I simply want to see myself on screen.Noit exactly myself, but another woman, loving other women.A Lesbian.A Dyke.A Bisexual.A labelless unicum.A charmed one.Whatever you may call it.
I NEED to see me, and people like me on my screen.
And this most dire of time, Ms.Chappell has stepped forward to save the World from warlords..
You get the picture.
There are a lot of people who are volunteering their time.Their effort.Their love.For this project.
And for a great part also for "us".
And I am grateful.I want to see it.And I want it to suceed.
Really want it to suceed.
Now, while my little postcards with the pretty German stamps(I actually went to the trouble to get Lighthouse ones) might have made a few execs someplace go all "Aaaaw...but who cares really?", the stakes are very different for a web show.
The internationals are representatives for a large untapped market.
And I want to help tap that market.
Now, while I can't support the show with money, or with free flights, with food, film, lodgings, or even free footmassages for the hard toiling Ladies, I can still support it.
I can let people know about it.
Here in Berlin.
And can let them know about it, wherever you are.
No clue how?
Well, this is what this blog is for.
(Well, this and my mindless ramblings, obviously)
Let's get this show on the road!

First order of business:
The how to promote Venice kit.
Plan is to get a "kit" created, that has several promotional options available, for the interested, invested peep.An assortment of options of what one can do, and how.
What can/should go in there?And how can we make that idea real?
Please leave your ideas in the comments.
I'll subsummarize soon.

Love y'all! Take care and have a great week!

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  1. Hi!! I'm all for it.. Sadly my brain is really sort of dead right now.. but it will be better in the always is..;-) I'll think about it, sleep on it and let you know what I came up with.. In any case...there should be buttons!!!I love buttons.. and maybe posters?? to hang on the in election times? Then maybe take a pic of that and make this one giant poster of that? or youtube vid?? or whatever. hmm.. ok.. more later!! Doreen aka Ami, great initiative!!!*hugs*